If you’re not an EV (electric vehicle) early adopter, chances are a few barriers to entry still remain. Whether you require additional range, charging station access, or lower pricing, manufacturers continue to develop the tech, infrastructure, and affordability with each generation. Taiwan’s Kymco is no exception, and the firm’s Ionex electric scooter brand aims to break down the remaining barriers with its entry into the Italian market.

This isn’t the first time Ionex has hit Italian shores, though. Kymco showed off its electric scooter lineup and swappable battery technology at EICMA 2021. That sneak peek gave Italian enthusiasts and media outlets a small taste of the new platform, but there’s more to the Ionex ecosystem than the scooters themselves.

In addition to standard charging points, Kymco established swappable battery hubs and fast-charging stations. Of course, owners can also use a standard power outlet to recharge the scooter at home. For those on the run, however, Ionex models feature an internal core battery that enables riders to stay on the road while the swappable battery recharges.

When loaded down with five swappable batteries, Kymco’s Ionex Many 110 EV can reach up to 124 miles before charging. City commuters and commercial riders can minimize downtime with each power unit only requiring one hour to fully recharge. Weighing 207 pounds and reaching up to 31 mph, the Many 110 EV would seamlessly fit into the busy streets of Rome, Milan, and Naples.

Kymco pairs that accessibility with technology, boasting a digital dashboard that offers navigation. The integrated app also allows users to locate charging stations and check the current battery status. While the Ionex Many 110 EV suits the needs of many urban riders, Kymco hasn’t released the official model and price list as of yet. We do know that KMI (of the Padana Sviluppo group) will distribute the Ionex scooters throughout Italy.

Electric vehicles still have a ways to go before reaching full maturity, but Kymco’s Ionex line certainly removes many barriers to entry for city folk.

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