You may be familiar with the EMGo ScrAmper, an all-electric rugged scrambler from an electric startup based in Ukraine. In fact, we’ve talked about this menacing two-wheeler before, and how it combined retro styling elements into a tech package that’s all about the future. EMGo had been making quite a bit of progress on this bike, so much so that it even displayed it at EICMA 2021. That being said, the current situation in the company’s home country is quite possibly the furthest from ideal.

To adapt to the current situation, however, is what EMGo has decided to do, rather than close its doors completely and wait for what seems to be a never ending conflict between Ukraine and Russia to subside. Specifically, EMGo has enlisted the help of its technical partners in Poland to move production of the two-wheeler to the European nation. Thankfully, it appears that the investors in EMGo’s ScrAmper project will be seeing their bike progress, as a massive crowd-funding campaign was recently launched to fund further development, as well as the eventual mass-production of the electric scrambler.

EMGo Technology, based out of Odessa, Ukraine, initially designed the ScrAmper as a rugged, go-anywhere electric machine that carried some of the design and styling cues of motorcycles past. It’s set to join two other models in EMGo’s model range: the Razzo and Flywheel, both of which are smaller, more urban-focused electric commuters. The ScrAmper is undoubtedly an exciting prospect in the ever-growing electric motorcycle segment. With the world becoming more and more saturated with commuter-focused electric scooters, seeing full-size electric motorcycles—and performance-oriented ones, at that—being developed is a breath of fresh air, and a glimmer of hope for the enthusiast market.

The EMGo ScrAmper promises some pretty impressive specs. For starters, a maximum range of 200 kilometers (125 miles) is expected. As for performance, the ScrAmper is saif to be able to hit a top speed of 125 kilometers per hour, or around 80 miles per hour—similar to the performance of present-day 150cc to 200cc machines. The electric motor found in the ScrAmper is rated at 16 kW of peak power, which is around 21 horsepower, and a continuous output of 9 kW, or around the equivalent of 12 internal-combustion ponies. What makes it even better is that it has a four-speed transmission to better optimize the performance of the emectric motor, as well as to give a more traditional riding experience.

Ukranian Startup Unveils Rugged ScrAmper Electric Motorcycle

Another impressive feature of the ScrAmper is its stellar charging times, with EMGo claiming a full charge in just 100 minutes. Equipped with an onboard fast-charger, the ScrAmper can juice itself up to 50 percent in just 30 minutes, 80 percent in one hour, and completely full in just over an hour-and-a-half. It has a CSS car charger connector onboard, meaning it can be charged from either a traditional 110-220V wall socket, or in car charging stations. The finished product fetches 6,300 Euros, or the equivalent of $6,800 USD, with deliveries estimated to begin in November 2022, should everything in Poland go smoothly.

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