It goes without saying that motorcycle gear is all about safety and protection. However, one can’t deny that fashion plays a huge role, too. Surely, nobody wants to hop aboard the newest neo-retro machine looking completely out of place because of their gear. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for riders to sacrifice a bit (or sometimes all) of safety for the sake of looking dapper.

Fashionably styled riding gear has been around for decades now, with styles design to suite a multitude of machines ranging from the most rugged of off-roaders to the most streamlined of superbikes. It’s just recently, however, that more and more protective gear that falls within a reasonable budget has come to the surface. Thanks to smaller brands who have been trying to make a name for themselves in the entry-level market, the selection of gear and equipment available to motorcyclists is now broader than ever before.

Büse is a popular supplier of motorcycle-specific gear and equipment in Europe, and it’s been responsible for keeping a lot of budget-conscious motorcyclists safe and looking good while out on the road, track, or trails. Its newest product comes in the form of a bomber-style jacket, that’s perfect for those rocking the sporty, neo-retro aesthetic. Made popular by Tom Cruise in the 1986 hit film Top Gun, the bomber jacket has become a staple in the motorcycle world, and is loved by both riders and non-riders alike. That said, Büse’s new Kingman jacket looks dapper be it on the street or on the open road.

On the outside, the Kingman jacket is full of character, and is clearly inspired from the world of aviation. It even has the iconic “Remove Before Flight” tag attached to the upper arm pocket—something that’s become extremely commonplace, if not sometimes even a little tacky nowadays. Nonetheless, the Kingman doesn’t skimp out on protection, either. The inner part is lined with DuPont-sourced Kevlar fibers which go a long way in preventing abrasion injuries and blunt force penetration.

Büse Releases Stylish Yet Affordable Kingman Bomber Jacket

The Kingman jacket employs a traditional cut, and will surely make for a flattering piece on or off the bike. Distinctive knitted cuffs, hips, and sleeves provide a slimming effect—perfect for today's neo-retro Instagram generation. Pads on the shoulders and elbows are integrated on the inside, and aren’t visible from the outside thanks to a seamless cut. A back protector can be fitted, thanks to a built-in pocket that can accommodate up to a level 2 protector.

Perhaps the very best thing about the Büse Kingman jacket is its price. Will retro-style jackets from other more mainstream manufacturers could set you back in excess of $500 USD, the Kingman’s suggested retail price is just 179.50 Euros, or about $198 USD. It comes in both men and women specific sizes, too. Specifically, 48 to 64 for the dudes, and 34 to 46 for the ladies. Colors consist of black and olive. Büse does offer worldwide shipping via its website, but do expect the price to vary depending on where in the world you ship to.

Büse Releases Stylish Yet Affordable Kingman Bomber Jacket
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