While car and motorcycle racing are both extremely engaging and exciting to watch (and participate in), it can be argued that motorcycle racing is a lot more physically taxing, and requires racers to be in significantly better shape than their four-wheeled counterparts. Having been on the occasional track day on both two and four wheels, I can certainly say that I was a lot more winded after a few laps on my bike as against my car.

That being said, it’s becoming a pretty popular next-step among retired motorcycle racers to take the helm of a sports car or race car and compete in various races. We’ve seen it with Valentino Rossi and the GT World Challenge Europe, as well as Dani Pedrosa, who’s now racing in select races in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe. This time around, another MotoGP legend is setting foot back in the circuit aboard a four-wheeled race machine.

This is none other than Jorge Lorenzo. Following his retirement in 2019, Lorenzo didn’t exactly fall out of the spotlight. He continued making appearances in the MotoGP paddocks on numerous occasions. He continues to maintain an active Instagram profile wherein he keeps his fans updated with his life—particularly when it comes to his partnership with electric two-wheeler manufacturer Super Soco. Now, the Italian ex-motorcycle racing champ is trying his hand in auto racing in the Porsche Super cup in Italy. He’s set to make a guest start in Imola aboard the VIP car. He’ll then move on to compete in the Italian Porsche Carrera Cup.

Jorge Lorenzo, who has a total of five MotoGP World Championships under his belt, is no stranger to the highly competitive racing atmosphere, and will surely adapt well in the cockpit of a powerful Porsche 911 race car. He’s set to race in Imola, from April 22 to 24. The Porsche Supercup is the highest level one-make racing series of the German manufacturer, and is in fact a part of the Formula 1 supporting program. The race cars consist of prepped Porsche 911 GT3s, and pump out approximately 515 horsepower.

Commenting on his new project aboard Porsche's flagship race car, Jorge Lorenzo recounts on the exciting times he had as a racer. In an article by Speedweek, Lorenzo expressed his excitement towards the racing series stating, “After the end of my MotoGP career, I missed the competition. So I was looking for a discipline that wasn't quite as risky as motorcycle racing. Last year I did some virtual races in the esports version of the Porsche Carrera Cup Italia. Switching to the real Porsche 911 GT3 Cup was the next step.”

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