On March 3, 2022, braking systems specialist Brembo announced the results of its 2021 year-end report—and things are looking up. Total revenues increased 25.8 percent over the ones from 2020, and even 7.2 percent over the ones from 2019. As anyone who has lived through the past few years can appreciate, there have been challenges—but it seems as though Brembo is bouncing back well. 

In FY 2021, Brembo recorded revenue of €2,777.6 million, up from €2,208.6 million in total for 2020. Sales across all geographic segments rose in 2021, as follows: 

Country Sales Increase Percentage
Italy 31.1%
Germany 24.6%
France 15.1%
United Kingdom 17.7%
India 28.2%
China 28.8%
Japan 12.1%
South America 22.0%
North America (including U.S., Canada, and Mexico) 25.2%
Interestingly, Brembo reports that its motorbike applications segment led the way over its other market segments in 2021. Overall, motorbike applications rose by an extremely impressive 55.2 percent, with commercial vehicles rising 26.3 percent, racing applications rising 22.7 percent, and car applications rising 22.1 percent. (It’s worth noting that although Brembo lists racing applications as its own category, it does not further break down that number between two-wheeled and four-wheeled racing applications.) 

“In light of the 2021 results, approved today by the Board of Directors, Brembo closed a challenging year on a positive note,” Brembo executive chairman Matteo Tiraboschi wrote in the official year-end report. 

“The Company’s revenues exceeded also the 2019 levels and its profitability remained stable, despite a market context impacted by the negative effect of inflation on commodity prices and the shortage of semiconductors,” he continued. 

“All geographical areas and all segments in which Brembo operates contributed to this result. In particular, the finalization of two acquisitions in 2021 — SBS Friction in Denmark and J.Juan in Spain — allowed us to complement our high-tech braking system range for the strategic motorbike market," Tiraboschi went on.

"These transactions, together with the inauguration of the first Brembo Inspiration Lab in the Silicon Valley, California, and the introduction of our new, intelligent braking system SENSIFY, confirmed Brembo’s global leadership and its attention to the needs of customers, central in a deeply changing sector. Although the market scenario and the geopolitical situation continue to be complex, we look at the new year with confidence thanks to the solid strategic path we have paved towards ongoing innovation of our solutions, in favor of digitalization and sustainable development,” the executive chairman concluded. 

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