A nice pair of pants certainly goes a long way in making you look and feel good. Apart from providing you with the comfort to be able to cover great distances on your motorcycle, riding pants are also an absolute necessity when it comes to keeping you safe in the event of an accident. These days, riding pants look more and more like regular, everyday wear, making it easier for motorcyclists to pick out a pair that suits their style.

Furygan Releases Sammy Cargo Riding Pants

Sporty riders can opt for textile riding pants with a similar style as that of full leather riding pants. Meanwhile, retro enthusiasts can wear slim, or even skinny cut riding jeans equipped with impact protectors and slide resistant materials. Casual everyday motorcyclists can wear cargo style riding pants just like the newest offering from French motorcycle gear maker Furygan. It’s called Sammy, and it’s a simple pair of straight-cut, no-frills cargo riding pants.

It can be easy to think that safety would be compromised for the sake of fashion, especially when it comes to casual riding gear like this. However, Furygan’s Sammy carries a full CE certification, and undoubtedly has the goods to back it up. For starters, the pants are made out of a stretchable, aramid denim fiber material with additional reinforcements on the buttocks and knees. It’s equipped with D3O protectors on the knees and hips, too. As for its fit, Sammy employs a comfortable straight cut which keeps your legs nice and comfortable, without constraining your range of motion whatsoever.

Furygan Releases Sammy Cargo Riding Pants
The Furygan Sammy is available in three colors.

Naturally, cargo style riding pants are very practical. The Furygan Sammy features four pockets giving it enough storage for all your personal belongings. It also features a slightly raised profile at the back for improved lower back support. It caters to more subdued taste preferences, though, as Furygan is offering the Sammy cargo pants in three colors consisting of blue, medium blue, and black. Sizing is available from 36 to 50, and pricing is pegged at 189.90 Euros or the equivalent of $215 USD.

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