It can be difficult to find riding gear that’s subtle enough to double as street wear. More often than not, a compromise has to be made between safety and styling. Understated riding equipment tends to sacrifice features such as chest protection or abrasion resistance. While it can be argued that daily commuting comes with less risk than that of touring or ADV riding, there’s no denying that it’s best to be protected no matter where we’re going.

As such, for the 2022 riding season, Italian gear and equipment manufacturer Spidi has kept the daily city rider in mind with its newest jacket, the Genesis. Taking the form of a simplistic, no-frills leather jacket, the Genesis takes the charm of a classic leather motorcycle jacket, and incorporates the safety and comfort features of modern-day riding jackets. Its discreet styling makes it the perfect piece for all around duty—be it on or off the motorcycle. It employs a classic cut and a subtle design making it easy to mix and match with your favorite riding jeans and sneakers.

Italian Gear Maker Spidi Introduces Genesis Leather Jacket

The Spidi Genesis is constructed mainly out of large, abrasion-resistant cowhide panels, and is finished in an elegant matte black. You do, however, get the option of adding some color with the zipper and collar which are available in either black, red, or white. On top of this, the Genesis offers comfort in all types of weather thanks to its water-repellent leather, and a removable thermal vest for when temperatures plummet during the colder months.

As for protection, the Genesis makes use of industry-leading safety equipment consisting of ForceTech protectors on the elbows, and Warrior Lite protectors on the shoulders. Meanwhile, an after market level 2 back protector easily fits into the built-in pocket. Given all these features, the Genesis receives a PPE class AA certification in accordance with standard EN 17092-3: 2020.

Comfort and fit is assured via stretchable panels made out of Flex Tenax. Waist tightening straps, a zipper connecting to specific pants, as well as compatibility with Spidi’s Step-inWear technology further adds to the versatility of this jacket. As for sizing, Spidi offers the Genesis in a generous array of sizes ranging from 46 to 62. This no-frills, do-it-all jacket comes with a retail price of 399.90 Euros, translating to around $452 USD.

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