The latest technological advances are helping motorcycles and motorcycling gear become safer and safer. With technologies like vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication and heads-up display units changing the vehicular landscape, riding will become more digital than ever. However, some motorcyclists embrace the new tech while others reject it.

To quantify the number of riders in each camp, British motorcycle insurance company Bikesure surveyed 750 U.K. motorcyclists on the type of upgrades they prioritize. Predictably, 54.3 percent of riders responded that they would invest in gear while 25.3 percent said they would buy new technology. With a heavy crossover between the categories, 18.8 percent would spend their money on both.

While future purchases tell us a lot about a rider, previous upgrades reveal even more about their priorities. Comfort add-ons came in first with 38.9 percent, safety gear was close behind at 32.7 percent, and aesthetics accounted for 18.5 percent.

When surveyors asked riders which piece of gear excited them most, heads-up display helmets, modular helmets, and airbag-equipped gear came out on top. When it came to safety-related tech, anti-lock brakes, adaptive headlights, and smart windshields made the list.

Of course, when it comes to any motorcycle upgrade, price plays a factor, and 80.4 percent believe that high prices keep riders from buying the latest gear. On the other hand, 40.3 percent can justify high-tech safety gear prices with an additional 29.5 percent believing it’s priced accordingly. Conversely, 29.1 percent believe the new tech is overpriced while 6.1 percent think that prices could be higher considering the product’s features.

While the results are telling, Bikesure’s survey only samples a small contingent of the U.K.’s riding public. The response will vary greatly between regions and age groups, but it’s good to know that there are supporters on each side of the tech and safety debate.

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