Tourmaster’s Horizon Line Women’s Trailblazer Boots tell you what they want to do in their product description. According to Tourmaster, they are a “women’s mid-calf waterproof adventure touring boot.” This description is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand—much like the boots themselves.  

The Trailblazer boots are constructed with an Italian microfiber and suede upper which incorporates billowed flex panels to make them more comfortable to wear and move in. Two adjustable motocross-style buckles keep your feet snug and secure in these boots while you wear them. A hook-and-loop upper closure helps to accommodate a variety of calf sizes. There are also shift pads on either boot, which wrap exactly where they should for shifter actuation on either side of the bike. 

For protection, Tourmaster says it uses TechnoGI thermoplastic molded heel and toe cups, as well as dual-density molded and contoured ankle protectors. They also state that they use a uni-directional anti-twist molded nylon midsole. We don’t do lab testing, but I can say that they feel pretty solid if you try to twist them with your hands. They also come with an anti-slip lugged sole that’s quite substantial and feels pretty grippy on the ground when you come to a stop. 

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There’s a breathable mesh lining inside, as well as a HiPora three-layer waterproof and breathable inner membrane. The mid-calf height of these boots should also make it more difficult for water to find its way into your boots, particularly if you keep a pair of waterproof pant legs over the boots rather than tucked in.  

Now, I didn’t go wallowing in the mud in these boots or get caught in any heavy monsoons. One thing I can tell you, though, is that they don’t seem to turn your feet into a pair of baked potatoes when it’s hot out. Some waterproofing solutions make it easy to feel like you’re quietly steaming away at stoplights, but whatever combination of waterproof and breathable material is used here seems to work—on my feet, at least. Since I’d venture a bold guess that no one likes having wet feet in their boots, I’d call that a win. 

The dual buckle system on the outside also seems pretty solid, and did not pop out of place at all once I locked it down. I didn’t crash in these boots, so I can’t give any insight into how they perform in that circumstance. As long as you’ve adjusted them comfortably around your calf, they’re reasonably comfortable to walk in, if a little stiff. Then again, that’s to be expected—and your ankles will probably appreciate that reinforcement if you do happen to have an off. 

The Tourmaster Horizon Line Women’s Trailblazer Boots come in your choice of black or sand, and offer an understated adventure style for an MSRP of $149.99. They’re available in U.S. women’s sizes ranging from 6 to 10. There’s also a men’s version with the same color options available, at the same MSRP, and ranging in U.S. men’s sizes from 8 to 13. 

Outdoor photos by Joe Lucente; studio photos by Tourmaster.

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