For multiple reasons, it’s often trickier to find pants that fit well than it is to find jackets that do the same. While it’s true that different people have different proportions, that seems to be even truer on the bottom than up top. Thus, there’s a certain amount of trepidation that anyone who has a hard time finding pants that fit might feel whenever they contemplate buying a new pair. You might like wearing some nice new pants, but finding the right ones is no fun if it feels like a chore, you know? 

The Tourmaster Horizon Line Ridgecrest Women’s ADV Pants are what the company describes as “hi-flow mesh adventure touring pants.” That’s definitely an accurate description if you wear them without the included lightweight Reissa zip-out liner, which is reportedly both waterproof and breathable. I’m happy to say that pairing these pants up with the matching jacket makes for a very airy, comfortable adventure in hot weather, no matter where (and at what speed) you’re riding. 

The outer shell is made of 600D abrasion-resistant polyester and hi-flow mesh. There’s also 1000D honeycomb nylon ripstop reinforcement over the knees and across the seat of the pants, much like you’ll find in the impact areas of the Tourmaster Horizon Line Ridgecrest Women’s ADV Jacket. These pants come with a pair of SAFE-TECH knee armor plates slotted into their three-position knee pockets, which is rated at CE-level 2. Foam hip pads are slotted into the pockets where you could also stick SAFE-TECH 720 hip armor, which is sold separately. 

Tourmaster Horizon Line Ridgecrest Women's ADV Pants - Front
Tourmaster Horizon Line Ridgecrest Women's ADV Pants - Cargo Pocket Flap Closed

How do they fit? I’d say that depends on how you’re built. If you have a slim, athletic build, you’ll probably find that they fit true to size. However, if you have hips, you’re going to want to get one size up from what the chart tells you. That’s especially true if you plan to wear these during multiple seasons and stick a base layer or two under that Reissa liner. Thankfully, these pants come with waist adjusters in addition to the elastic waistband to help tailor the pants to your particular fit, as it were. 

Both an 8-inch connecting zipper and a full-circumference connecting zipper (with matching jacket half) are included, if you want to either mate these with the matching Tourmaster jacket or another jacket of your choosing. There’s also an extended rear yoke that tucks up neatly when you hook these pants up to the matching jacket. Cuffs close with both zippers and adjustable hook-and-loop closures. Zippers are YKK, and are nice and sturdy. 

Gallery: Tourmaster Horizon Line Ridgecrest Women's ADV Pants

The upper thighs and lower pant cuffs feature reflective bits to help you be more visible while you’re out and about. Giant cargo pockets are placed on the upper thighs, and use hook-and-loop closures for the flap, with a zipper inside. So, theoretically, they shouldn’t easily fly open and send any of your stuff tumbling at speed. Nice!  

There’s also four-way stretch fabric in all your bendy places, which makes these pants pretty easy to slide on and off, while also making them comfortable to actually wear. That’s important if you want to wear them for five hours and not five minutes.  

The Tourmaster Horizon Line Ridgecrest Women’s ADV Pants come in your choice of either a sand and grey or a black colorway. The sand and grey also features dark orange accents that are just enough of a color splash, but aren’t quite as attention-grabbing as a hi-viz vest. I can’t tell you how they crash, or how waterproof they are with the liner in place—but I can tell you they’re pretty much like having air conditioning on your legs with the liner out. 

Outdoor photos by Joe Lucente; studio photos courtesy of Tourmaster 

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