Triumph Motorcycles and Swiss watchmaker Breitling first announced their partnership in July, 2021. At the time, the iconic motorcycle and timepiece makers stated that their first projects wouldn’t be unveiled until sometime in 2022. Still, they wanted to get everyone excited about what was to come, so Triumph Thruxton RS bikes started rolling into Breitling boutique locations around the globe.  

Fast-forward to February, 2022, and the pair has unveiled both a limited-edition motorbike and a watch. The Triumph Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition comes with an extremely special Breitling edition paint scheme. Ever keen to draw upon its roots, Triumph says that it color-matched its polychromatic blue paint for this bike to the original 1951 Thunderbird 6T, as ridden by Marlon Brando in the Wild One

Other styling elements on this limited-edition Speed Twin include hand-painted coach line details from Triumph’s Hinckley master pinstriping specialists, a perforated black leather saddle with contrasting stitches, and instrument face designs that clearly took inspiration from Breitling’s timepiece legacy.  

Gallery: Triumph Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition

The Speed Twin Breitling Edition incorporates all power and finesse of the 2021 Speed Twin—but with one particular performance bonus that’s only found on this Limited-Edition bike. A pair of Öhlins piggy-back rear shock units with beautiful gloss black springs enhance the ride and look great doing it.  

How limited is the Triumph Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition, exactly? Just 270 of these bikes will be made and sold worldwide, with individually-numbered handlebar clamps and numbered certificates of authenticity signed by both Triumph CEO Nick Bloor and Breitling CEO Georges Kern. Triumph says it chose this number in honor of the Speed Twin’s 270-degree parallel-twin engine, and why not? Pricing starts at $18,300 for this limited-edition motorbike. 

Now, how does this connect to the limited-edition Breitling Top Time Triumph limited-edition chronograph that this collaboration also introduced at the same time? If you buy a Triumph Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition, and you make a special request before August 22, 2022, you’ll be able to purchase one of those Breitling timepieces with “a personalized matching edition number.” Why stop at matching color schemes when you can match numbers, too? 

For Breitling timepiece fans, it’s worth noting that two versions of the Top Time Triumph chronograph will be released. One is specifically reserved for Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition owners, while the other is not. According to Breitling, the version reserved for Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition owners will have “a radiant sunray-finished dial,” while the core collection version will have “an opalescent, vertically brushed dial.” The owners-only version will exclusively be made to order. 

The ice blue dials draw upon both the Triumph Thunderbird 6T blue also referenced in the paint scheme of the Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition, as well as a particularly rare Breitling Top Time Ref. 815 piece dating from the 1970s. Incidentally, the watch casebacks come etched with detailed design sketches of Triumph’s Speed Twin engine, which will more than likely be extremely fun to examine closely. The version available to the public will retail for $5,500, while the version reserved for Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition owners will be $5,700. 

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