The KTM 1290 Super Duke R, also known as The Beast 3.0, is undeniably one of the most bonkers street bikes out there. Unlike all other naked streetfighters which are based on their supersport siblings, the KTM 1290 Super Duke R was built from the ground up as an absolutely manic street bike. KTM describes the 1290 Super Duke R as a motorcycle built for diehard motorcycle aficionados, by diehard motorcycle aficionados.

The current-generation KTM 1290 Super Duke R boasts a Euro 5-compliant LC8 V-twin. With a whopping 1,301cc of displacement, this lightweight naked bike pumps out 180 horsepower, and with a dry weight of just 430 pounds, it puts out one of the most insane power-to-weight ratios on any street bike. That being said, in order to conform to Euro 5 regulations, as well as the preferences of those who like to keep things rather quiet, the 1290 Super Duke R comes with a rather muted exhaust note. Vast aftermarket support allows owners to change this, though, and the latest offerings come in the form of a trio of slip-on pipes from Exan.

  • Exan X-GP
Exan Releases New Euro 5 Exhaust Options For KTM 290 Super Duke R

Exan’s range of slip-on exhaust systems for the 2021 KTM 1290 Super Duke R vary in terms of style, but more or less provide the same amount of performance and sound gains. The first model, the X-GP, employs a traditional racing exhaust aesthetic, and features a conical shape with an extended tip. Available in silver or black, it gives the bike a race-ready aesthetic while producing a sonorous exhaust note that’s sure to turn heads. It’s compatible with the stock passenger footrest, but you’ll have to do away with the option of installing side cases. It retails for 364.50 Euros, or roughly $412 USD.

  • Exan Oval X-Black
Exan Releases New Euro 5 Exhaust Options For KTM 290 Super Duke R

The Exan Oval X-Black employs a more traditional style that’s more akin to that of the stock system. Perfect for those looking for that OEM-plus aesthetic, the X-Black features a long and wide canister, and is available either in black or silver color options. Given its size advantage, you can expect this exhaust pipe to be the quietest of the lot, with the bassiest exhaust note. On top of that, it makes use of the same mounting hardware as that of the stock system, and is compatible with all factory accessories except for side cases. It retails for 382.50 Euros, or $432 USD, with international shipping options available for an added fee.

  • Exan X-Race
Exan Releases New Euro 5 Exhaust Options For KTM 290 Super Duke R

The last exhaust pipe in Exan’s 1290 Super Duke R range is the X-Race. As the name suggests, it’s the slimmest, shortest, most race-oriented exhaust pipe, and will likely produce the loudest exhaust note. It mounts to behind the right side rear-set, and takes the form of a tapered conical canister, giving the bike a very slim and athletic profile. It’s available either in Titanium or Black finishes, with the Exan logo etched boldly on the side. Pricing is at 427.50 Euros, or $483 USD, plus international shipping.

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