How are you liking your Harley-Davidson Pan America? It’s impressed plenty of riders since its debut with its capabilities and general presence. If you’ve been wondering when Italian luggage specialist Givi would outfit Harley’s first foray into adventure bikes, the wait is officially over. In January, 2022, Givi introduced a robust line of accessories for the consideration of Pan America owners. 

Unsurprisingly, most of Givi’s offerings for this adventure tourer are, in fact, related to its ability to carry luggage. There are also a few other items you may find useful for your bike, including a windscreen, engine guard, and side stand. Let’s take a look. 

To make Givi cases fit bikes, just like March madness, it’s all about the brackets. In this case, there’s now a rear rack, offered in anodized aluminum and made to fit Givi’s Monokey top cases. It is, of course, blacked out to fit the character of your Pan America. As well, you can also choose between pannier holders to fit a couple of different Givi side case options. If you’re hoping to transform those panniers into Rapid Release versions of themselves, never fear—Givi's got an option for that now, too. 

Gallery: Harley-Davidson Pan America Givi Accessories

Another new option in the Pan America luggage department from Givi is a mounting kit to help you install Givi’s Tool Box on the left-hand side of your bike. Finally, if you’ve been wanting to use any of Givi’s Tanklock or TanklockED bags on your machine, Givi now has a flange to lock it in place on your fuel tank and keep it securely attached. 

In addition to luggage attachment options, Givi now makes a clear windscreen that’s 46 centimeters high by 49.5 centimeters wide. It’s 4.5 centimeters taller than the OEM unit, for those looking for a little more wind protection on your Pan America. Be aware, there’s also a separate fitment kit to aid in the installation of this windscreen on your bike, which must be purchased separately.  

If you’re looking for a little more protection for your engine, Givi is offering a black engine guard made of steel tubing that is 25mm in diameter. Be aware that Givi advises that this unit should ideally be installed by a professional mechanic. 

Finally, Givi offers a robust side stand sole made of aluminum and stainless steel, with a wider footprint than the OEM unit. If you’ve been looking for a bit more support in your side stand—say, if you’re going to load up your bike with a whole bunch of shiny new luggage, for example—then you may want to consider it. 

Prices vary widely, depending on what you’re looking for in the collection. The brackets are of course made to fit specific Givi luggage systems, which are available for an additional charge. For the most current pricing and availability information, it’s best to check with local Givi retailers in your part of the world.

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