You may know of Scorpion, the budget-friendly helmet company that recently rose to the spotlight as the helmet of choice of 2021 MotoGP World Champion Fabio Quartararo. Well, despite being affordable, the company continues to innovate to offer the best head protection for motorcyclists, regardless of the type of riding they do. 

For 2022, Scorpion is revamping its adventure helmet with the release of the new ADX-2. Scorpion entered the trail helmet category with the ADX-1 model for its 2017 collection. After five years, the company is updating its modular helmet with the ADX-2, which promises not only technical and aesthetic advancements, but also increased safety thanks to the new ECE safety standard. The ADX-2 is compliant with the new ECE 22.06 standard, which means it has received double P/J homologation, making it safe to ride with the chin-bar up.

Scorpion Releases ADX 2 Modular ADV Helmet

Apart from technology and safety enhancements, the ADX-2 is also rather versatile, in a sense that it can be configured in three different ways to suit a variety of riding styles. For starters, you can ride with the chin down and with the peak installed for maximum ADV performance. Meanwhile, if you'll be riding mostly on the street, the peak can be detached from the helmet for a sleeker, more aerodynamic profile. Lastly, quick city trips for commuting to work or running errands can be more comfortable with the chin-bar up, as if it were an open-face helmet. 

With its removable and washable interior, retractable sunshade, multi-channel ventilation, Pinlock anti-fog film, and compatibility with the Exo-Com intercom, the ADX-2 has various functionalities underneath its updated sports adventurer style. The Scorpion ADX-2 is available in plain colors and two graphic variants for 249.99 Euros (approximately $283 USD), the same price as its predecessor, the ADX-1, when it was first released.

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