British snow sport helmet manufacturer Ruroc entered the motorcycle helmet market with its Atlas model in 2019. LIke any first outing, the Atlas wasn’t perfect, but Ruroc improved on customer feedback with the Atlas 2.0 in 2020. Ruroc addressed feedback again in 2021, with the Atlas 3.0, delivering improved aerodynamics and enhanced rider vision. The British brand continues to fine-tune that formula with the Atlas 4.0 helmet.

Scheduled to debut on February, 18, 2022, the 4.0 retains the signature Atlas shape, but a smoother carbon fiber shell reduces turbulence. The Atlas 3.0’s non-closable vents received heavy criticism from consumers due to wind noise and insufficient wet weather protection. To remedy the issue, Ruroc installed closable inlets throughout along with an improved ventilation system. While the vents should help riders control airflow, the 4.0 also includes sound-dampening ear inserts, reducing wind noise by 20 percent.


The company only increases comfort with zippered cheek pads. Thanks to the multi-layered foam padding, users can customize the fit to their liking. The zippered covers also make hand-washing the moisture-wicking material a much simpler endeavor.

Aside from rider accommodations, the Atlas 4.0 offers ECE 22.06-worthy protection with a three-part multi-density EPS liner. Ruroc even draws from its snow sports helmet line, integrating RHEON technology between the EPS layers and interior liner. The RHEON reactive polymer stays soft and pliable in its natural state but immediately hardens under impact. With the new multi-part EPS and NASA-developed RHEON material, the Atlas 4.0 dissipate impact and rotational forces much more effectively.

The new Ruroc helmet will be compatible with the Shockwave Bluetooth audio system, which boasts a 60-percent smaller microphone for enhanced fit. Of course, we expect Ruroc to offer the Atlas 4.0 in a slew of solid and graphic colorways. With all the improvements, we also anticipate the latest Atlas to eclipse the 3.0’s $450 MSRP, but we’ll have to wait for February 18, 2022, before we know the full details.

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