Today’s helmets range from budget-friendly to feature-rich. Fortunately, with such a wide selection, there’s bound to be a helmet that suits every rider’s needs. Those that prefer a premium finish, comfort, and retro styling often turn to Nexx Helmets. The Portuguese helmet brand’s extensive lineup may serve a broad audience, but its new X.G20 platform has something for everyone.

While the X.G20 helmet retains the same shell shape across its various trims, Nexx constructed that shell from X-Matric fiberglass or carbon fiber. Despite the different materials, the two shell sizes range from XS-M and L-XL for all X.G20 models. The range’s versatility comes from Nexx’s modular accessories system, which allows users to choose between shields, sun visors, peaks, trim, and finishes.


From weekend warriors on cruisers to scooter commuters, the X.G20 can be as stripped-down or made-up as you want it to be. While the SV moniker denotes the inclusion of a sun visor, the Cult and Groovy go for rounded face shields while the Clubhouse and Carbon SV favor long shields. On the other hand, the Larry Span, Saloon, and Purist models forego eye protection.

As expected, extra features do come at a cost, with the basic Purist variant retailing for €199.99 ($225 USD) while the top-of-the-line Carbon SV and Cult Carbon SV come with a €399.99 ($450 USD) price tag. Of course, Nexx also offers a brimming accessories catalog for those that want to further personalize their lid.

Regardless of the added features and accessories, each helmet comes with the brand’s removable and washable X.Mart Dry moisture-wicking liner and a D-buckle chin strap. Most importantly, each X.G20 meets the latest ECE 22.06 safety regulations. Today’s helmet market may include models that are budget-friendly or feature-rich, but you can find both in Nexx’s new X.G20 helmet lineup.

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