The new Ruroc Atlas 2.0 helmet officially launches on February 27, 2020. The UK-based company made helmets for snow sports for years before getting into the motorcycle helmet market back in 2019. Based on feedback received from motorcyclists on that first model, the company has made some important improvements for version 2.0. 

With the 2019 Atlas 1.0, Ruroc released a number of limited edition graphic designs, and the company is doing the same with Atlas 2.0. To drum up interest and anticipation, different limited graphics are being revealed on different days up until the February 27 line launch, so the curious can check back frequently to see what’s new. Non-limited-edition helmets, Ruroc says, will be restocked—so no need to worry if you want one of those.

The Ruroc Atlas 2.0 is DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.05 certified, like the first Atlas also was. No Snell certification or Sharp testing has been performed on either version of the Atlas. Also, no pricing information for Atlas 2.0 is available yet, but the original Atlas had an MSRP of $400. 

I haven’t experienced this helmet for myself, so I did what anyone would do and went to check some reviews. Most of the reviews I could find were from motovloggers who had received helmets from Ruroc and also had discount promo codes to encourage you to buy one, so of course, we should all take that into account.

However, one cool thing is that Ruroc seems to have listened to the main complaints about the first Atlas helmet. That one required a special keychain tool to remove your visor. I’m not a snow sports person, so I don’t know what’s normal for snow helmets—but that’s a pretty big deal breaker on a full-face motorcycle helmet. Most manufacturers of lids for street riding don’t require tools to swap out your visor quickly and easily. Luckily, with Atlas 2.0, Ruroc redesigned the mechanism so it’s now completely toolless, as well. It’s a small but important victory!

Another big complaint from riders about the first version was wind noise—and from early pre-release reviews, it seems that the wind noise is a bit better on Atlas 2.0. There’s a chin curtain, and the vents that go back toward your ears have also been redesigned. If you’re concerned about your hearing, you probably already wear earplugs, so this might not even be a huge deal in that case—but it’s still good to know. 

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