Bikes like the Yamaha XSR155 are certainly awesome, especially in the Asian market wherein motorcycles are relied heavily upon for day-to-day life. Instead of hopping aboard a boring old moped or underbone on a daily basis, folks who can spare the extra cash can get something a tad punchier and a lot more stylish. After all, not everyone needs the power and performance of the XSR700, especially in the Asian market.

It isn’t really surprising that premium small displacement bikes like the Honda CB150R and Yamaha XSR155 are extremely popular in countries like Indonesia and Thailand. The fact that they make for awesome custom builds is a nifty bonus, too. This is exactly what Yamaha Thailand has done in the recently concluded Thailand Motor Expo, when it showcased a factory-custom, limited-edition XSR155 in partnership with Zeus Customs. This piece of eye-candy is limited to just 100 units, and certainly sets itself apart from the already good-looking XSR155 in stock form.

Check Out This Limited-Edition XSR155 In Thailand

At a glance, the custom Zeus XSR155 takes the form of a sleeker, more sporty cafe racer. To achieve this look, the bike’s stock handlebars were ditched for low-slung clip-ons. Additionally, both front and rear fenders were cropped to give the bike a sportier, more compact stance. Up front, a new headlight assembly sits flush to the triple tree, while a slim saddle with a ribbed pattern and faux leather upholstery tidies things up top. Last but not least, the custom XSR155 features an elegant matte gray color scheme with matching blacked-out elements on the engine, crankcase, and exhaust.

Apart from these choice modifications, the Zeus Customs Yamaha XSR155 remains mechanically identical to that of the factory machine. It’s powered by a 155cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder motor. Thanks to Yamaha’s proprietary Variable Valve Actuation (VVA), this pint-sized motor is capable of churning out 19 ponies. Now, I mentioned earlier that only 100 units of this custom XSR155 will ever see the light of day. Well, if you haven’t copped one for yourself just yet, don’t expect to, as all of them were sold out within hours of their unveiling.

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