When it comes to riding in cold and wet weather, few things are as essential as a waterproof pair of riding boots. I’m sure you’re all too familiar with the discomfort of water pooling inside your boots, while the rest of your body is kept warm and dry thanks to your waterproof gear. That’s because waterproof riding boots tend to be very, very expensive.

That said, All One, an in-house brand of gear and equipment maker Dafy, has released a new, affordable pair of waterproof riding boots. It’s called the Evasion LT, and it offers full waterproofing and protection for a fraction of the cost of other big name brands out there. Adopting a classic, subdued design, the Evasion LT boots are ideal for a wide array of disciplines. Wear them for commuting, touring, and even a spirited ride out to the countryside, and you’re sure to stay warm, comfy, and protected regardless of the weather.

Constructed predominantly out of leather, the Evasion incorporates a waterproof yet breathable membrane designed to keep your feet dry—be it from rain or sweat. Just like other boots, it uses a side zipper closure for easy wearing and removing, but incorporates a large hook-and-loop flap to prevent water entering the zipper. Furthermore, large accordion zones on the instep and back of the heel offer a free range of motion—a common area of complaint when it comes to motorcycle-specific boots.

Now, when it comes to protection, All One has you covered. The Evasion LT is equipped with protectors on the ankles, shins, and even has an anti-crush sole. A reinforced layer on the top of the toe serves as a shifter pad preventing wear and tear to the top of the boot, while reflective elements on the sides make sure you’re visible to traffic at night. All these features merit this affordable boot a PPE certification in accordance to EN 13634: 2017.

As for styling and color options, the All One Evasion LT is available in just one color—black. As mentioned, though, its neutral styling makes it easy to match this boot with all types of riding gear. The Evasion LT is available in sizes 37 to 46, and retails for just 119.99 Euros, or around $135 USD.

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