Merlin is all-in for BSA’s return to the market. With the Gold Star leading the charge with its 652cc motor and its classic looks, it’s almost a requirement to complement the retro looks with a leather jacket, and Merlin is giving the market not one, but two models that were given a BSA touch. 

Merlin Alton and Hixon BSA Gold Star Jackets

Gold Star for the design of these leather pieces. The Hixon and the Alton leather jackets come embroidered with BSA logos. All the details and features in the existing models were retained which include naked cowhide leather, and removable thermal linings. For safety, both models come with CE-approved armor on the shoulders and elbows. The armor pads are level one-rated and removable as well.  

Merlin Alton and Hixon BSA Gold Star Jackets

Merlin wrapped the Alton and the Hixon both in 1.2 to 1.3-millimeter naked cowhide leather, promising durability, and comfort. Versatility was also thought about by the brand, with ventilation points on either chest, as well as a removable liner that can allow the jacket to be used in hot weather or cold weather. A mesh drop liner allows for breathability in hotter riding weather and Merlin also fits a British Marton Mills tartan liner trim. A mesh drop liner has also been added for breathability. 

Merlin Alton and Hixon BSA Gold Star Jackets

The main difference between the two jackets will be the design, with the Hixon sporting more quilted leather on the shoulder, a symmetrical front pocket layout, and two contrasting stripes on either side. Meanwhile, the Alton gets a more asymmetrical look but favors smoother leather surfaces in contrast to the Hixon. 

Either jacket will be good to pair with your retro or classic bike, but a special exception should be made if you own a BSA Gold Star, as the special editions from Merlin will be the perfect pair. 

You’ll find the new BSA Gold Star on display at the Motorcycle Live show until December 12, and these Merlin jackets will be displayed right beside these bikes.

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