Finding original, screen-used motorcycles from our favorite movies and TV shows is certainly cool, especially when you learn about their history. Replicas are another matter because they’re most often the physical manifestation of someone’s great love for their screen favorites. Taking the time to get all those small details right is a painstaking process—and something that only someone totally passionate about, say, a 1966 Batcycle would make the effort to do. 

Thus, there’s this 1966 Yamaha Batcycle Replica that’s about to hit the Mecum auction block in January, 2022. According to the listing, it’s a professionally built replica based on a 1966 Yamaha Catalina 250cc—just like most of the ones actually used in the 1960s Batman TV series. 

Unlike some Batcycle replicas, this Batcycle’s included Robin cart is a working model, not just a display piece. In a tip of the hat to modern times, it’s an electric go-kart—but that’s all the better for a modern Robin to be a little stealthy on their approach, right? (Well, as stealthy as you can be in ‘60s-era Batman costumes, anyway, but we digress.) One more note: This replica has apparently neither been ridden nor shown in public. We’re not sure if that means no shakedowns were completed after construction, but that’s something for potential bidders to ask about. 

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Another way this differs from some replica Batcycles is that both Adam West and Burt Ward signed this one—and it comes complete with letters of authenticity for the new owner. The complete Batcycle unit, including that Robin sidecar, is slated to hit the Mecum auction block at the auction house’s Kissimmee 2022 event, which runs from January 6 through 16. There’s no reserve, though it’s currently expected to fetch between $40,000 and $60,000. 

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