If you were asked to create a list of the world's most popular movie motorcycles, chances are you’d have machines like Captain America and The Terminator’s Harley-Davidson motorcycles on there. Perhaps, maybe even Kaneda’s bike from Akira. Chances are that Batman’s Batpod will also make it to your list. Well, we may soon be adding yet another two-wheeled vehicle to the Dark Knight’s already impressive collection of vehicles.

That’s right, Batman could soon be sporting a new motorcycle in the upcoming superhero movie “The Flash.” Images of the new Batcycle were leaked on Twitter for the upcoming Flash movie. The movie is scheduled to premiere in 2022, and will star Ezra Miller as The Flash, and Ben Affleck as Batman. Judging from the leaked photos from the set of the new movie, it’s clear to see that the new Batcycle is an absolute unit. A lot chunkier, longer, and more massive than the Batpod, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what this behemoth of a two-wheeler will be capable of on the silver screen.


Judging from the photos, the Batcycle looks very heavily armed—kind of like a two-wheeled version of the Batmobile. I’m almost certain that the Batcycle will come equipped with its own suite of high-tech artillery. It features dual front tires and a massive rear tire, making it some kind of tilting three-wheeler like the Yamaha Niken. Its massive wheels and twin front tire setup also give it a similar appearance to the Dodge Tomahawk concept which was powered by a V10 engine sourced from the Dodge Viper.

No doubt, it’ll be interesting to see what this Batcycle is capable of, however, its massive size and weight will have you wondering just how agile this machine could be on screen. Given how badass this new bike looks, it wouldn't be surprising if the new Batcycle were to become a staple in Batman’s fleet of vehicles, and we could certainly see it in greater detail in upcoming movies. Although it may seem absurd in the real world, appreciating the work that goes into films like these requires a certain degree of suspension of disbelief.

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