The adventure scooter market is heating up, and Aprilia is bringing the fire with its newest scooter model, the SR GT. First unveiled at EICMA 2021, the new line sees Aprilia taking its sporting SR scooter lineage, bumping up the displacement, and giving it a serious bit of adventure styling. The Aprilia SR GT comes in 125 and 200cc flavors, both of which offer nearly 6.9 inches of ground clearance for all your adventures. 

The SR GT 125 is powered by Aprilia’s i-get 125cc single-cylinder engine, which makes a claimed 11kW (or 14.75 horsepower) at 8,750 rpm and 12 newton-meters (or 8.85 pound-feet) of torque at 6,500 rpm. Meanwhile, the SR GT 200 packs a 174cc single into the same space, making a claimed 13kW (or 17.43 hp) at 8,500 rpm and 16.5Nm (or 12.16 pound-feet) of torque at 7,000 rpm. Notably, the SR GT 200’s cylinder gets a Nikasil coating and a new piston designed to further optimize combustion efficiency as well as fuel economy. 

Suspension on both SR GT variants consists of a 33mm Showa fork up front, offering 122mm (or 4.8 inches) of travel, as well as two Showa rear shock absorbers with coil spring and adjustable preload, which offer 102mm (or about 4 inches) of travel. Brakes feature a 260mm petal disc up front, as well as a 220mm disc in the rear. The rear disc is also petal-shaped on the 200 and 125 Sport versions—because of course, there are trim levels to be found in the SR GT family. 

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Let’s talk storage, which is one of the most convenient advantages to scooters like this. The SR GT features a 25-liter under-seat storage area, which Aprilia says can fit a full-face helmet. Naturally, among the additional accessories offered by the folks at Noale are additional storage options such as a 33-liter top case to really amp up the “GT” portion of the SR GT designation. 

Other features include a full LED headlight cluster up front, the sporty “suspended” windscreen look commonly found on more adventure-themed motorbikes, and a wide, comfortable handlebar that’s not clad in plastic, unlike so many other scooters in this displacement category. That makes it much easier to attach useful tools like smartphone, GPS, or action camera mounts, if you so desire. 

Speaking of digital devices, the display is a fully digital LCD unit that can make use of Aprilia’s MIA connectivity system (available as an option) to connect with your smartphone. If you choose this option, there’s even a dedicated button on the right-hand control block that works in conjunction with MIA and voice commands, so you can easily control music playback or handle phone calls on the go. 

What about weight? Aprilia says the SR GT 125 weighs 144 kilograms at the curb, or just over 317 pounds. Meanwhile, the SR GT 200 weighs 148 kg fully fueled and with all fluids on board, or just over 326 pounds. The SR GTs utilize what Aprilia calls its “Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System,” which involves a brushless electrical mechanism installed directly on the crankshaft instead of a more traditional starter. According to the engineers at Noale, this increases reliability, lowers fuel consumption, and also ends up being quieter for riders (and their neighbors).  

The Aprilia SR GT comes in a range of colors, and opting for the Sport trim adds even more variety into the mix. Base SR GTs come with black wheels and black saddles with gray stitching, as well as silvery-gray foot pegs, passenger, and side grab handles. Meanwhile, the Sport trim adds Street Gold, Iridium Grey, and Red Raceway colorways. Each of these boasts red-painted wheels, as well as a two-color black and gray saddle with contrasting red stitching, echoing details on Aprilia's current big bike lineup. Foot pegs display the Aprilia brand name, and small details like color-matched passenger grab handles are added.  

Pricing and availability information haven’t been announced yet, but should be evident in the coming months. 

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