For many years now, LS2 has been known for making affordable and decent quality helmets. Although not necessarily at the top of the list when it comes to features, LS2’s helmets usually conform to ECE safety standards, and most importantly, offer near-unbeatable bang for your buck. Recent years have shown us that LS2 has revamped its product range, with newer, sportier helmets.

The Spanish helmet maker even released a premium, race-ready helmet in the form of the Challenger Carbon. Furthermore, LS2 has clearly shown its intentions of branching out from just helmets, to producing other motorcycle apparel products such as jackets and gloves. The most recent offering from the company comes in the form of four new riding gloves consisting of the Spark II Air, Spark II Leather, Feng, and the Duster. Let’s take a closer look at these new gloves, shall we?

  • Spark II Air
Helmet Manufacturer LS2 Releases Four New Riding Gloves

LS2’s Spark II Air gloves are designed for warmer weather, thanks to their emphasis on breathability and comfort. They feature a combination of four types of fabrics—sheepskin, spandex, neoprene, and mesh. It comes equipped with rigid carbon protectors on the knuckles and fingers, as well as reinforced areas on the thumb and palm, in the event of a forward-facing fall. As is the case with most riding gloves in the market today, the Spark II Air gets smart touch technology, allowing you to use your mobile phone without having to take your gloves off. The LS2 Spark II Air gloves retail for 69.99 Euros, or $81.18 USD.

  • Spark II Leather
Helmet Manufacturer LS2 Releases Four New Riding Gloves

The Spark II Leather glove, similar to the Air variant, is a street-oriented, sport-style glove that features rigid carbon-fiber protectors on the knuckles and fingers. Unlike the Air, however, the Leather is made of, well, leather, and is more ideal for use in colder weather. It features spandex and neoprene panels for a snug, comfy fit, as well as perforated elastic fabric on the fingers and wrist for some added breathability. It also gets smart touch technology, and a mid-cuff with a standard hook and loop closure. It’s available in a variety of colors at the same price of 69.99 Euros, that’s $81.18 USD.

  • Feng
Helmet Manufacturer LS2 Releases Four New Riding Gloves

If the Spark range of gloves is designed for the everyday street rider, then LS2’s Feng is meant for the diehard trackday aficionado. This full-gauntlet racing glove features all the protective elements you would expect from a glove of this caliber. As such, we get rigid protectors on the knuckles, palm, and fingers. It’s made out of a combo of leather, Superfabric, and Hypalon, and gets reinforced, external stitching and a hook and loop adjustment on the wrist. Just like the other gloves in the catalogue, the Feng also gets smart touch technology. The Feng is priced at 119.99 Euros, or the equivalent of $138 USD.

  • Duster
Helmet Manufacturer LS2 Releases Four New Riding Gloves

The last glove in LS2’s new model range is for the classy, retro enthusiast. Designed as LS2’s vintage offering, the Duster incorporates a 100-percent cowhide construction with a performate back for comfort and breathability. It gets elastic sections on the wrist and fingers. As well as padded inserts for the palm and fingers. Apart from that, thermoplastic knuckle protectors are concealed beneath the leather, retaining the glove’s stylish and classy aesthetic. The Duster is available in black, brown, tobacco brown, and ocher yellow, and retails for 69.99 Euros, which translates to about $81.18 USD.

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