If you’re one who frequently rides with a group, then a reliable, high-quality intercom is definitely a must. This is especially true if you frequently go on long rides, covering new roads, and going to places for the very first time. Chances are, you and your buddies are already rocking a popular comms system either from Cardo or SENA.

While these two brands are undoubtedly the most popular in the market, there are a few other companies who are trying to compete with them, especially when it comes to features. One such brand is Midland and its BT Rush communicator system. It rivals industry-leading intercoms thanks to loads of features and reliable connectivity. Although we have yet to get our hands on one, Midland claims an impressive radius of 3.5 kilometers—that’s 2.2 miles, and an autonomy of up to 23 hours thanks to its powerful battery.

The Midland BT Rush is capable of connecting up to 10 riders in one go—down slightly versus Cardo and SENA’s 16 riders. The BT Rush also claims superior audio quality versus the competition as it makes use of a variety of audio enhancing features. For instance, it gets a noise reduction system, as well as adaptive volume which automatically lowers and raises the volume depending on ambient noise.

From a technical standpoint, the BT Rush intercom system relies on both Bluetooth connectivity and Midland’s proprietary MMC, or Midland Mesh Conference technology. It’s basically the same mesh communication technology we find in other communicators in market, and allows for seamless connection, without the need for riders to maintain a fixed formation. It gets two modes—Mesh Conference, which enables communication between up to ten riders with a range of 1.4 kilometers; and Dynamic Repeat mode, which is limited to six riders, but offers extended range of up to 3.5 kilometers.

Other features include a built-in FM radio with 6 per-selected stations, hands-free functionality with up to two mobile phones, and can even be integrated with certain motorcycle TFT instrument panels from Ducati, KTM, and BMW. The BT Rush retails for 269 Euros, or $312 for the single pack, and 479 Euros, or $556 for the duo pack.

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