We were treated to the idea of a Cardo headset last year. A prototype was fielded by the company which was essentially a pair of headphones with a Cardo cradle on its side. 

Now the product is officially available. With the ability to help riders communicate with their coaches or simply their non-helmet-wearing buddies, this headset is ideal for coaches and instructors who are looking to give real-time feedback using one of the most widely adopted motorcycle communication systems out in the market. 

Cardo is known for its PACKTALK Bold series of comms devices. The company has also expanded upon its lineup to include the PACKTALK Slim. While sleek, only the Bold models are compatible with this particular accessory. 

It certainly gives the tech-filled comms device an extra use. The direct line of communication between the rider and the coach will be as seamless as a rider-to-rider pairing, and the connection is more or less instantaneous, allowing for quick feedback and critique. 

Dan Emodi, Chief Marketing Officer for Cardo Systems said: "Over the last several years, we worked closely with industry professionals around the world to understand the need for an accessory that would allow seamless communication in non-helmet applications. We sent prototypes to coaches, instructors and other industry professionals. Feedback was incredible, as many shared personal testimonials that confirmed the need for such a product in the marketplace.”

It looks like one of those high-end gaming headsets. Those of you in the know could mistake the product for a Logitech G headset, seeing as it also sports the same colorway. That being said, the headset alone will cost you $129 USD. Do take note that you will need to have your own Cardo PACKTALK bold in order for this add-on to work. It's a bit pricey, but then it allows you to take advantage of the industry-leading Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) that only Cardo can provide. 

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