Cardo Systems and HARMAN have a fruitful relationship, and the pair have decided to extend it for another five years. 

Both companies have been at the forefront of their respective fields. Cardo, especially, is one of the key players in the realm of motorcycle communicators. Collaborating with HARMAN back in 2018, we can expect more premium audio in the coming years. 

The new partnership will include new integrated JBL-produced-and-branded speakers that will benefit Cardo users across the world. Researchers at Cardo Systems have reported that sound quality is one of the most important features and reasons why many choose to be a part of the Cardo network of Bluetooth communicators. 

Cardo Packtalk Black
Cardo Systems Packtalk Black - Special Edition

Johnny Williams, vice president and general manager for Embedded Audio at Harman stated that "JBL sound powers life's most exciting moments and our extended relationship marks another milestone in both brand innovating and developing to achieve world-class audio for our customers."

Meanwhile, in the Cardo camp, Shachar Harari, vice president of business development at Cardo Systems said: "Our market research showed that audio quality is key in ensuring our products remain unmatched in rider communication and entertainment. The broadening of our collaboration and extended agreement with HARMAN Embedded Audio reflects our commitment in providing the highest quality products to our customers, allowing us to bring a new standard of sound for the best riding experience possible." 

As such, we will continue to see Cardo products sold with or alongside JBL speakers. Cardo has been pioneering since 2004, and HARMAN has been in the game for far longer. For the next five years, it will be interesting to see how much can be done with both companies continuing their cooperation with one another. Perhaps new products are already prepping to be launched. JBL speakers sound great, and we can't wait to hear more news about better systems in the near future. 

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