Motorcycle helmet headsets aren’t typically lauded for clear sound quality. More often than not, comm units focus more on rider-to-rider communication and less on dynamic range or tonal balance. Users frequently complain of speakers lacking bass and midrange, leaving the audio high-pitched and tinny. To remedy that oversight, Sena released high-fidelity speakers on its 50 S, 50 R, and 5 S in May, 2020. Now the Korean company is bringing that same technology to long-standing models with after-purchase HD speaker packs.

The two accessory speaker kits are suited to Sena’s 20S, 20S EVO, and 30K (Type A) and 10C Evo and 10C Pro (Type B). The brand designed the speaker units with beveled edges to increase rider comfort and compatibility. Sena claims the premium speakers receive a generous bass boost to deliver clear and rich audio. Whether you’re jamming to your favorite playlist or listening to the ruggedly baritone voice of a riding buddy, the up-spec units should enhance the experience.

Sena HD Speaker Kits - Beveled Speakers
Sena HD Speaker Kits - Product Shot

Aside from installing the physical speakers on an existing Sena communicator, users will also need to update the unit’s firmware along with the brand’s app. Once the hardware and software installs are complete, the HD Speaker Accessory option will become available in the app menu. The setting will boost the system’s output and put even more functionality at the user’s fingertips with audio equalizer presets including Balance, Bass Boost, Mid Boost, and Treble Boost.

HD Speaker kits retail for $39 and are currently available at Sena’s website. While many riders in the Northern Hemisphere tinker with their iron steeds until the spring thaw, Sena’s HD Speaker packs could be the perfect winter project. After all, the riding season always comes with its fair share of group rides and road trips. Luckily, this year they’ll all sound much clearer.

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