Six years ago, Sena introduced the new 3S line of communicators to its lineup that included the 3S-W (wireless) and 3S-B (boom). For 2021, Sena upgraded its entry-level offering with the introduction of the new 3S PLUS Boom and 3S PLUS Universal comm systems.  

The new 3S PLUS Boom is designed to work with open-face, jet, and three-quarter helmets with, as the name suggests, a boom microphone with a shorter stem that allows for more streamlined integration. The controls are located directly on the microphone for a more compact design.   

As for the 3S PLUS Universal, it’s designed to work with a wider variety of helmets. It includes two types of microphones—one with a stem can be installed on open-face helmets while the mic pod is meant to fit inside a . The control panel is meant to be installed outside of the helmet, near the neck opening, for easier access. 

Both units are wireless and pair with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth using the Sena Utility App. They also feature active noise control to filter out wind and background noise, can stream music and navigation instructions, and can be controlled using voice prompts. They can be paired with a second unit for two-way communication thanks to Sena’s Intercom Pairing protocol, using a QR code. The battery life offers users roughly eight hours of talk time and charge time is of about three hours.   

Compared to the other Sena comm systems with the side-mounted control pod, the 3 Series’ hardware is more basic hence why it's also more affordable, starting just below the $100 mark. That also makes them a reasonable entry-point into the realm of helmet communication systems.   

The new Sena 3S Plus Boom and Universal headsets are now available on Sena’s website and should soon become available on Amazon and at retailers.   

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