Pairing your Bluetooth communicators when you go out riding with someone new can be a struggle. It’s not something that most of us do on a routine basis, so you forget which buttons to press (and in what order). You know that you knew it at one point, so it’s frustrating that you don’t remember. What to do? 

Sena came up with one possible solution, and it’s available in the most recent update to its free smartphone utility app. It’s called “Smart Intercom Pairing,” and it works with a wide variety of Sena products, as well as those sold by its OEM partners. 

This new solution is super simple. If you can hold up your smartphone and scan a QR code, you can pair your Sena and compatible headsets. Once you’ve paired your selected Bluetooth devices, you can easily reorder them within the app. It’s a great way to spend less time fiddling around with your communications setup and more time actually riding.  

Sena Smart Intercom Pairing Compatibility List - August 2020

The list of devices that support this new feature is fairly long, and will probably change in the future. Sena helpfully has a full list here, which they’ll hopefully keep up to date as and when things change going forward. In addition to most Sena-branded devices, OEM partners including AGV, FC Moto, Harley-Davidson, HJC, Icon, and Shoei have devices on the list. Depending on how often you make new riding buddies with communicators, you may need to consult this list more than once.  

If this feature works as advertised, it could also make your life easier if your devices ever come unpaired for some reason, even if you usually ride with the same people all the time. There are few things more frustrating than when something that worked perfectly yesterday suddenly quits on you, so this could potentially ease some of that stress. Here’s to less stress and more riding! 

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