While there are some universal intercom pairing options between Bluetooth communicator brands, they don’t always work as seamlessly or effortlessly as you’d hope. There’s a small ray of hope in the news we’re about to share, though. 

It won’t solve all your inter-brand Bluetooth communicator group ride problems, but Sena and Interphone just announced a new strategic alliance. Moving forward, Interphone devices will use Sena’s proprietary Bluetooth and Mesh 2.0 technologies. That means that those new Interphone devices will be able to communicate with Sena’s own Mesh 2.0 models. These include the 30K, Momentum EVO, +Mesh, 50S, and 50R.  

Be aware that not all of Sena’s own devices can upgrade to the Mesh 2.0 firmware. According to Sena, all devices that you want to be able to communicate with one another must still use the same Mesh platform for group comms. There’s plenty of information about the specifics of Mesh 2.0 here

In any case, Interphone is launching its first Sena tech-imbued products in early 2021, although there’s no exact release date at the time of writing. These will include the UCOM2 and UCOM4, which both rely on Bluetooth 5. Interphone is also launching the UCOM16, which uses Bluetooth 5 and Mesh 2.0.  

This definitely won’t help every rider communication situation, but it’s yet another way that more riders can hopefully stay in touch out on the road. While universal intercom pairing options are currently available on various brands of units, things get tricky when you’re riding in a group.

That’s a difficulty that Mesh 2.0 aims to overcome—and with more units making use of that firmware, riders now have more choices. Even if you’re not actively shopping for a new communicator right now, it’s one more piece of information you can tuck away for future comm unit considerations. 

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