On November 1, 2021, American electric vehicle maker Volcon announced plans to expand into Belize, Guatemala, and Panama by the end of the year. That’s on top of recent expansion into Costa Rica, Mexico, and Paraguay, bringing the current number of countries where Volcon Grunts can be found up to seven, including the U.S. 

It’s all part of a bigger plan, of course. The Volcon Grunt and Runt are its adult and child-sized electric bikes, respectively. For those who prefer four wheels (gasp), the Stag and Beast UTVs offer electric power in a larger format, capable of accommodating more riders. The Grunt is shipping right now, with the other three soon to follow.  

To Volcon’s way of thinking, it’s doing Latin American expansion in 2021, then tackling Canada, Europe, and Africa in 2022, and finally heading to Southeast Asia and Australia in 2023. Expanding quickly is a lofty goal, and whether it reaches those heights will of course remain to be seen. 

According to Volcon, all the export sales will be handled by individual importers, who are responsible for vehicle distribution within their respective countries. This could mean direct sales to consumers by importers, or the possibility of a dealer layer between importers and consumers. In either case, Volcon says, local dealers will be on hand to provide both warranty and regular service for Volcon vehicles within each country where they’re sold. 

"Electrification is sweeping the globe, and the demand that we've seen from around the world has really been evident in Latin America. We continue to see a lot of enthusiasm about our product line coming from distributors, dealers, and end users alike, with distributors in Guatemala, Belize, and Panama coming into the fold,” Volcon CEO Jordan Davis said in a statement.  

Any powersports company lives on the reputation of its parts and service network. Even though EVs generally have longer maintenance intervals than combustion vehicles, there’s no such thing as a completely zero-maintenance vehicle. That’s not counting any warranty issues that may arise in any product, either. How will Volcon fare as it expands? Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly. 

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