Back in October, 2020, the Austin, Texas-based outdoor electric powersports company Volcon announced that its Grunt all-terrain bike would launch in Spring 2021. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the company also mentioned plans for some rugged, four-wheeled, electric options that would follow. 

December, 2020, just started, but it seems like Volcon definitely doesn’t want to waste any time getting all its vehicles to market. That’s why, as plans currently stand, the Stag is due out in Summer 2021, while the giant Beast UTV is due out in Spring 2022. The Stag will start at $14,995, while the top-of-the-range Beast will start at $24,995.  

While this particular startup has, in fact, started, Volcon also opened its latest investment round to the general public. Now EV enthusiasts who are excited about Volcon’s plans can own a piece of equity in the company through WeFunder. At the time of writing, the company has already raised $1,601,480 from 720 investors since it opened this funding round on December 1.  

“In addition to funding rounds for institutional and accredited investors, we are inviting the powersports community and EV start-up investors to also be part of the industry’s evolution to electric by investing in the only 100-percent electric, outdoor powersports company,” said Andrew Leisner, Chief Executive Officer of Volcon in a statement. “This way, our customers and EV fans can be part of a company they believe in, while gaining equity in an industry that is accelerating its move to electrification.” 

For those unfamiliar, WeFunder is an SEC-regulated funding platform that allows smaller investment amounts than would typically be available through more traditional means of investment. In other words, it’s easier for everyday people to invest in companies they want to support. The platform bills itself as “Kickstarter for investing,” although it doesn’t offer reward tiers or products since these are investments. The platform’s FAQ advises that funding startups is an inherently risky activity, and advises you to do your homework and not invest any money you can’t afford to lose.  

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