In recent years, the neo-retro craze has made its way to smaller displacement motorcycles. In regions which favor small-capacity machines be it for licensing purposes or sheer practicality (i.e., Asia and Europe), both big and small manufacturers have released smaller iterations of popular higher capacity neo-retro machines such as the Yamaha XSR155 and Honda CB150R. Boutique manufacturers such as CCM have also capitalized on the retro aesthetic. 

GPX Legend 250 Neo-Retro Roadster Breaks Cover

To add to the ever-growing number of small to mid displacement retro-style machines, Malaysian motorcycle manufacturer GPX has revealed the Legend 250, a sleek, classic-style roadster that boasts surprisingly premium features. It seeks to lock horns in the entry-level mid-sized segment with the likes of the Honda H'Ness CB350 and Royal Enfield Classic 350, albeit down in terms of displacement by a few cubes. From a styling perspective, the Legend 250 is as barebones as it gets. A standard fuel tank, one-piece saddle, and a round headlight—a surefire recipe for that classic bike aesthetic. 

Upon closer inspection of the Legend 250, however, it's clear that GPX has put in some thought into the bike's design. We find premium features hiding beneath the bike's retro styling, giving it a touch of modernity. For instance, the Legend 250 gets a full LED headlight and a digital LCD instrument pod. It even gets big bike components such as an inverted fork and dual front disc brakes. On the performance side of things, it can be quite difficult to find the racer in this cafe racer, as GPX Legend 250 packs a 15-horsepower punch out of a 234cc parallel-twin motor—that's even less power than we find in single-cylinder motors of smaller size.

GPX Legend 250 Neo-Retro Roadster Breaks Cover

Nonetheless, it's clear that the GPX Legend 250 has no intentions of being a performance machine. Rather, it very much prefers cruising city streets in style, while flaunting its sporty appearance. GPX has yet to reveal the pricing and availability of the new Legend 250, however, it's more than likely that the bike will make its way to neighboring Asian countries, retailing for the ballpark of around $2,500 USD.

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