Kawasaki has, for the third time this year, hiked the prices for its big bike lineup in the Indian market. Although the price increases are marginal, they’re sure to be to the detriment of those looking to upgrade into, or add a middleweight Kawasaki bike to their stable. Additionally, the difficult times brought about by the pandemic have seen, not just prices in the market rise, but input costs on the manufacturers’ side to go up as well.

Having said that, Kawasaki’s price increase affects nearly all its models with displacements 650cc and up. The price increase will come into effect starting August 1, 2021. So, if you’ve been holding off the purchase of a brand new Kawasaki as of late, it may be time to reconsider and pull the trigger, before the implementation of Team Green’s new pricing structure. Let’s take a more detailed look at the affected bikes, as well as their new retail prices.

2021 Ninja ZX-10R & ZX10-RR - Main

For starters, all bikes in the Ninja range of sport bikes have received a marginal price hike. The Ninja 650, Team Green’s middleweight versatile sportbike has been hit by a Rs 7,000 ($94 USD) price hike. Meanwhile the bigger bikes in the Ninja stable, the Ninja 1000 SX and ZX-10R are now dearer by Rs 11,000 ($148 USD) and Rs 15,000 ($202 USD) respectively. This now puts the price of the Ninja 650 at Rs 661,000, or the equivalent of $8,880 USD; the Ninja 1000 SX at Rs 1,140,000, or around $15,314 USD; and the Ninja ZX-10R at Rs 1,514,000, or roughly $20,339 USD.

Meanwhile, Team Green’s adventure-touring focused Versys range of bikes gets hit by a Rs 7,000 ($94 USD) and Rs 11,000 ($148 USD) price hike for the Versys 650 and 1000 respectively. The two bikes now cost Rs 715,000 or around $9,605 USD, for the Versys 650 and Rs 1,155,000 or $15,516 USD, for the Versys 1000.

Kawasaki’s naked street bikes in the form of the Z650 and Z900 both get slight price hikes at Rs 6,000 ($81 USD) and Rs 8,000 ($108 USD) respectively, and now cost Rs 624,000 ($8,383 USD) for the Z650 and Rs 842,000 ($11,311 USD) for the inline-four-equipped Z900. Lastly, the lone cruiser in Kawasaki’s Indian lineup, the Vulcan S, has received a Rs 6,000 ($ 81 USD) price hike, and now retails for Rs 610,000, or the equivalent of $8,195 USD.

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