Portugese helmet manufacturer Nexx is known the world over for producing some very stylish, and very premium helmets decked out with high-tech features and cutting edge safety. It's clear to see that Nexx puts a lot of thought in the design of its helmets, with several of their helmets featuring built-in communicator housings. For the 2022 model year, Nexx is revamping three of its popular helmets, and giving them a carbon spin. 

Nexx Releases New And Exciting Helmets For 2022

For its future helmets, Nexx will make use of 3K carbon-fiber. Unlike a traditional carbon-fiber weave, 3K carbon is weaved in a similar design as that of a spider web. Nexx claims that this type of weave provides substantially better rigidity and strength, while retaining the already impressive lightweight properties of standard carbon-fiber. For 2022, Nexx has updated three of its helmets to now feature shells made out of 3K carbon-fiber—the X.R3R sportbike helmet, X.WRL adventure helmet, and the G.20 jet helmet. 

For starters, the X.R3R sportbike helmet has been designed specifically for use on the racetrack, with a delicate focus on the lid's aerodynamic properties. Nexx claims that the helmet's shell, visor, vents, and rear spoiler all contribute to zero dynamic weight when moving at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. Additionally, the X.R3R makes use of a dual rubber sealing gasket around the visor, to keep things extra quiet at high speeds. Nexx boasts that the X.R3R offers one of the largest fields of view for any sportbike helmet in the market, thanks to its visor cutout that offers wide horizontal and vertical view. 

Nexx Releases New And Exciting Helmets For 2022

Moving on to the X.WRL, this adventure helmet has been developed for use both on and off-road, with protective qualities optimized for the inhospitable off-road terrain. Nexx states that it can be used for enduro, as well, making it a versatile helmet for dual sport and ADV aficionados. Thanks to the new 3K carbon-fiber technology, this lid weighs only 1,250 grams, providing much needed comfort, especially on longer, off-road rides. Last but not least, the G.20 jet helmet, ideal for urban commuters and scooter riders, gets a new shell, larger visor, and enhanced removable and washable inner lining, for added convenience. 

The final feather on Nexx's 2022 cap is a new transition visor which can be purchased as an optional upgrade for the X.Vilijord, X.WED2, X.WRL, X.R3R, X.Vilitur, and X.WST2 helmets. This automatically darkening visor adjusts its tint depending on ambient light, making it extremely convenient especially for those who find themselves riding at the break of dawn, or late in the day as the sun settles down for the night. 

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