Chances are excellent that if you’ve been paying even a small amount of attention to motorcycle helmets, you’ve noticed that not all models are sold in all countries. While it’s not uncommon for helmet makers to have separate websites for each country, Nexx currently divides its internet real estate into one Worldwide site and one North America site.  

That said, it’s unclear whether we North American types will get either of Nexx’s two new helmets for 2021. I’ve reached out to Nexx North America to ask, and will report back if and when I hear from them. At this point, I do think there’s a greater case to be made for us potentially getting one of them than the other, which I’ll explain in detail.  

Comparing the two lineups, it seems that North America mostly doesn’t get a bunch of Nexx jet helmets. There’s also one child helmet, the SX.60 Kids, that isn’t currently available on the continent. Most other models are fairly consistent across the two groups, with the exception of different colorways in both markets. 

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With that in mind, the new X.VILIBY seems like the 2021 lid we’re least likely to see on U.S. shores. It’s a stylish jet helmet that comes in three shell sizes that cover the following helmet sizes: XXS-S, M-L, and XL-XXXL. The shell is a proprietary fiberglass composite that Nexx calls X-Matrix 2, because one X in the name just wasn’t good enough.  

Nexx calls this an urban helmet, and uses an image of a Yamaha Tricity rider wearing this helmet to drive the point home. It has a huge visor port, which it says offers vision capabilities that are “15 percent beyond the standard requirements.” It also features a rubber seal to block out noise, as well as a visor lock system if you choose to use the chinbar. Pinlock is also included, as is a removable and stowable “winter membrane” to help modulate airflow in the cooler months. Two removable action camera brackets for the top and side of this lid are also included with purchase. 

The new Nexx helmet I think that North America is more likely to see is the X.WED2 Vaal Carbon. To be clear, there’s no confirmation that this will launch in North America at the time of writing, but let’s look at the facts.  

The X.Wed2 ADV helmet is currently offered in both the North America and Worldwide markets, with some slight colorway variations. It’s already DOT and ECE certified, and it features Nexx’s X-Matrix 2 shell in three sizes to fit the following helmet ranges: XXS to S, M to L, and XL to XXXL. It comes with a clear, anti-fog-treated Lexan visor, and is Pinlock-ready. It also features a drop-down sun visor, exterior reflectivity for safety, a chin curtain, Bluetooth comms unit readiness, anti-sweat X.MART DRY interior, and included removable action cam mounts.  

Meanwhile, the X.Wed2 Vaal Carbon takes most of the same specs, only it sticks them in Nexx’s new X-PRO carbon fiber shell instead of the X-Matrix 2 fiberglass composite one. Not only does it look cool; it also weighs just 1460 grams, as compared to the 1775 (+/- 50 grams, depending on helmet size) of the regular X.Wed2.  

Since North America already gets the regular X.Wed2, it seems like a very small leap to getting the Carbon variant onto our shores. As I previously mentioned, we’ll keep you updated if and when we learn more. 

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