In 2021, Ducati introduced the all-new Multistrada V4 to the world. Powered by the brand’s Granturismo V4 and touting Bosch-developed adaptive cruise control, the new Multi’s touring ambitions were on full display. While the whizbang tech and V4 powerplant stole most of the headlines, the Multistrada also received a modest facelift.

Ducati kept the menacing dual headlights and snub beak that define the model, but it also adopted a new windscreen and deflectors system that improves rider comfort. Diverting turbulent air away from the head and shoulders area, the easily adjustable windscreen also allows users to personalize the shield’s height on the fly.

Now, motorcycle windscreen specialists WRS are taking that personalization to a new level with three new screens for the Multistrada V4. Compatible with the base, S, and Sport variants, the three WRS shields are as versatile as they are stylish. Each screen is constructed from 4mm-thick high-quality PMMA plexiglass and comes in clear or smoked finishes.

Gallery: WRS Windscreens: Ducati Multistrada V4

For the solo traveler, the Touring windscreen is 6mm taller than Ducati’s stock unit, delivering greater wind protection. If you tend to explorer with a companion, the Caponord screen takes wind deflection to even greater heights at 16mm taller than the Multistrada’s OE windscreen. For those unwilling to wait for the Pikes Peak edition, WRS’s Sport windscreen lives up to its name with a streamlined form. Unlike the Touring and Caponord, the Sport’s short stature allows WRS to offer the shield in smoked and matte black.

Priced according to size, the Sport retails for €89.06 (≈ $105 USD), the Touring costs €109.80 (≈ $125 USD), and the Caponord comes in at €115.90 (≈ $135 USD). Customers can also purchase matching side deflectors from WRS or keep the stock units intact.

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