It’s October 6, 2021, and Overland Expo East is very nearly upon us. The event is scheduled to take place in Arrington, Virginia, from October 8 through 10, 2021. Are you planning to go? Have you ridden a bike before? If you’re going, but don’t know how to ride yet, the Motorcycle Industry Council and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation are working together to get you on your first bike ride. 

Ride With Us is a program developed by the MIC in conjunction with the MSF, and it’s exactly what the name says. Those with tickets to Overland Expo East will be able to show up and take their first dirt bike ride, right there at the event. Organizers will provide safety gear while you ride, and the MSF will provide instruction to show you how to operate your dirt bike safely and have fun doing it.  

“Dirt bikes are a ton of fun and are a great way to spend time outside with family and friends,” Cinnamon Kernes, MIC vice president of market expansion, said in a statement.  

“With the Ride With Us Moto Intro, people can try riding in a pressure-free environment and see if they want to take the next step towards becoming a rider.  We’re excited to offer this introductory experience that allows you to try riding prior to committing to taking a class – and best of all, it’s free,” she concluded. 

Both 2020 and 2021 have seen motorcycles sales rise, as both new and returning riders seek to find fun ways to social distance during the global pandemic. According to the MIC, off-highway motorcycle sales rose 46.5 percent in the U.S. in 2020 alone. Dual-purpose motorcycle sales rose 22.1 percent over the same time period. 2021 sales have reportedly remained strong, with dirt bike and motorcycle license training classes so popular, they’re booked months in advance. 

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