The Yamaha TMAX is the Tuning Fork company's most powerful, long-distance-ready scooter in its maxi-scooter lineup. In more ways than one, the TMAX has served as the benchmark in the maxi-scooter industry, with many other motorcycle manufacturers trying to challenge it for the throne. The TMAX boasts sleek and sporty styling with performance figures to boot, lending itself to a head-turning aesthetics and menacing road presence. 


To add a dash of excitement to this otherwise docile machine, Slovenian exhaust manufacturer Akrapovič has released a new full-exhaust system under the Titanium Racing Line model range. This full-system is a street-legal option and features ECE certification. Noise and emissions are kept on tabs via a built-in catalytic converter and a large muffler. The exhaust system does, however, slightly increase the volume and enhance the sound of the TMAX's engine. 

As far as design is concerned, the new Akrapovič full-system for the TMAX employs a sporty design with swooping lines and twin exhaust outlets at the tip. It features an embossed Akrapovič logo, and a lightweight, handcrafted carbon-fiber endcap. A carbon-fiber heat shield is also integrated into the design of the exhaust-system' catalytic converter situated at the belly of the bike. Overall, the design enhances the touring aesthetic of the Yamaha TMAX, giving it a more premium look and feel. 

Akrapovič Releases New Full Exhaust System For Yamaha TMAX
Akrapovič Releases New Full Exhaust System For Yamaha TMAX

Looks and sound aside, Akrapovič promises some marginal performance gains with its titanium full exhaust system. For starters, it brings some sizeable weight savings into the equation, shedding a total of 1.9 kilograms. Additionally, the free-flowing exhaust improves throttle response all across the rev range, while bumping up power and torque ever so slightly. Akrapovič claims power and torque gains of 1.2 horsepower at 6,200 RPM, and 0.95 ft-lbs of torque at 6,200 RPM. For a sound-check, as well as other technical data on the Akrapovič titanium exhaust system for the Yamaha TMAX, be sure to check out their official website linked below. 

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