Yamaha introduced the 2021 TMAX scooter in December, 2020. While updates to the platform’s performance and styling were modest, the 562cc powerplant received the Euro5 treatment and the lineup gained a snazzy Power Gray color option. Three months later, Yamaha teased a 20th-anniversary version of its popular maxi-scooter and the brand just revealed the limited-edition trim.

Primarily an aesthetic exercise, the TMAX 20th Anniversary stands apart with a composite front fender, side panel, and exhaust heat shield. Instead of pressing the pieces in the traditional woven design, Yamaha forged the carbon fiber bodywork with no particular pattern. The result is a digital camo effect unique to the premium variant. Touches of yellow contrast with the dark motif and commemorate the model’s 20th year in production.

The yellow accents extend into the seat’s stitching. The royal treatment doesn’t stop there, as the saddle also receives premium materials in a tuck and roll pattern. The seat also boasts a heating feature for both rider and pillion. Similarly, the grips keep things toasty in cooler conditions.

The new electronic center screen reports the heated grip setting along with the ride mode, range, time. The tachometer and speedometer also get a new lighting update. Aside from the special equipment, the maxi-scooter offers cruise control and a traction control system. Large storage space and keyless ignition continue providing the utmost convenience for riders.

Playing off the platform’s capacity, Team Blue will produce 560 20th anniversary units and the performance scoot will come in at £14,699 ($20,536 USD). The 2021 TMAX 20th Anniversary edition will only be available on Yamaha’s online ordering system. The portal will go live on March 31, 2021, so start saving now. Yes, Yamaha’s limited-run TMAX is mostly an aesthetic upgrade, but 20-year anniversaries don’t come around often.

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