Two Italian manufacturers have teamed up for a special edition electric scooter. Askoll, known for the popular NGS3 which has seen considerable success, has partnered up with Helmo Milano, yet another Italian helmet maker who specializes in commuter helmets for scooters and lightweight commuters. The two companies have rolled out a special edition scooter dubbed the Askoll NGS3 by Helmo Milano. 

Quite a few surprises await soon-to-be customers of the Askoll NGS3 by Helmo Milano. For starters, the special edition scooter features a top case finished in jet black to complement the styling of the minimalist scooter. On top of this, the limited edition scooter will come with a Helmo Milano EOS4 Seasons jet helmet. The two companies have expressed that their partnership is not simply an exercise of style and design, but rather an initiative to usher in the acceptance of electric mobility as a mainstream means of transportation. 

Askoll NGS3 By Helmo Milano

Going back to style and design, the Askoll NGS3 by Helmo Milano features the work of well-known Italian motorcycle designer, Rodolfo Frascoli, who was in charge of designing the graphics of the special edition scooter. Moving on to features, the Askoll NGS3 comes equipped with a 2,700W brushless electric motor which provides an impressive 130 Nm of torque. Additionally, the NGS3 comes outfitted with a pair of lithium-ion batteries which offer a combined capacity of 2,820 Wh. The batteries are housed in a compartment situated under the seat, which allows for easy access in removing and recharging them. 

The Askoll NGS3 is rated at a top speed of 66 kilometers per hour, making it ideal for city commuting and around-town duties. That said, an A or B motorcycle license is required to operate the Askoll NGS3. As far as the special edition Helmo Milano edition is concerned, only 999 units will be produced, and will come with a sticker price of 4,490 Euros, or the equivalent of $5,430 USD. 

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