With retro-style motorcycles like scramblers and cafe-racers becoming more and more performance-oriented as opposed to just eye-candy, it's understandable that riding apparel suited for these types of motorcycles makes an evolutionary shift towards enhanced safety, as well. After all, developments in manufacturing processes and materials science have ushered a new trifecta of riding gear standards: safety, comfort, and style. 

That's right, these days, motorcycle gear has never been so comfy, safe, and stylish all at the same time. REV'IT!, a Dutch gear and equipment manufacturer is a perfect example of the embodiment of these three characteristics. With a wide variety of riding gear in its repertoire, seeing the instantly recognizable inverted triangle logo on any piece of gear automatically assures you of top notch quality and comfort. Its latest creation, the Bison WR Overshirt, is a perfect example.


You see, motorcycles like the new Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE are extremely stylish, and at the same time, equally capable of tackling even the gnarliest off-road terrain. However, wearing your baggy, hi-viz ADV jacket aboard this machine leaves you with a rather incomplete, maybe even dorky aesthetic. As such, REV'IT!'s Bison WR Overshirt is the perfect solution to your wardrobe dilemma. It incorporates the styling of a standard dress shirt with a very subtle and minimalist black-on-gray plaid pattern.

Underneath the fabric, however, lies some of REV'IT!'s best protection. The Bison incorporates REV'IT!'s proprietary SEESMART protectors on the shoulders and elbows. What's more is that th Bison can be upgraded with a Level 2 back protector thanks to a built-in sleeve ready to house this additional piece of safety equipment. For all weather usability, the Bison incorporates a Hydratex waterproof liner for cold and rainy days, and an adjustable ventilation panel at the back for more temperate riding conditions. 

Stay Stylish On Your Adventures With REV’IT!’s Bison WR Overshirt

As far as color options go, however, REV'IT! offers the Bison WR in just one black and gray colorway. Sizing is available from S all the way to 2XL, and pricing is pegged at 249.99 Euros, or the equivalent of $291 USD, and holds a Class AA safety certification. 

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