Throughout September, 2021, Triumph has been busy stoking excitement about its upcoming Triumph Tiger 1200 update. With a few select handfuls of testing prototype photos, as well as a video featuring Ricky Carmichael really making the new Tiger 1200 show off its acrobatic nature, the house of Hinckley has also made a solid case for why its Triumph camo graphics would make a great option for customers. (Come on, Triumph, do it!

The entire point of busy graphics, however, is to distract your eyes from the details, sadly not just look cool. So, if you were hoping to clap eyes on a non-camouflaged version of the upcoming Tiger 1200, our pal Secret Squirrel recently passed us this helpful batch of spy photos. While you won’t see the Tiger 1200 defying gravity in the dirt in this photoset, you do get the chance for a clearer view, from multiple angles. 

Now, as we already know, roughly the same 1,160cc inline-triple found in the 2021 Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS also powers the new Tiger 1200. Of course, the same engine tuned (and maybe even bored) differently will naturally produce different power figures. We don’t know the details on the new Tiger 1200 just yet, but the Speed Triple 1200 RS makes a claimed 178 horsepower, and speculation is that this configuration will make at least 140 horsepower at the rear wheel. 

Gallery: 2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 Spy Photos

As Triumph itself noted, the same T-Plane crankshaft found in the Tiger 900 is also present in its bigger, badder sibling. This should both make a very pleasing sound experience for riders, as well as improve power development low down in the rev range. Additional speculation is that the curb weight of the new Tiger 1200 should come in somewhere under 250 kilograms, or 551 pounds. Considering that the current Tiger 1200 weighs just a little under that when dry (Triumph doesn’t list curb weights in its specs), if it's accurate, that weight savings could probably be a welcome change to Tiger 1200 enthusiasts. 

As ever, we can expect multiple Tiger 1200 variants based on this setup, designed with more on-road or off-road bias as riders prefer. Options such as 19-inch front wheels for more road-biased use versus 21-inch knobbies for greater off-road focus seem pretty par for the course. A raft of expected electronic rider aids should also be in play, including cornering ABS, lean-angle-sensitive traction control, cruise control, and Bluetooth connectivity.  

While we still don’t have an official reveal date for the Tiger 1200, it’s likely to break cover sometime in mid-November 2021, shortly before EICMA. As we all probably expected, it should roll into showrooms and be available for purchase sometime in early 2022. 

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