Scorpion has released a new helmet as part of its 2021 collection of EXO-Com-compatible lids. This time, it's a premium, carbon-fiber modular lid based on the EXO-Tech helmet launched the couple of years back. A common complaint when it comes to modular helmets is the fact that they tend to be on the heavier side of things. Understandably so, given the fact that these lids get a flip-up mechanism, and a secondary drop-down visor. 

To address this issue, Scorpion has refreshed the EXO-Tech with a new carbon-fiber shell, dropping its weight down to a manageable 1,500 grams. To really drive home the new carbon refresh, the new Scorpion EXO-Tech Carbon is finished with visible carbon-fiber weave in either gloss or matte finishes. It gets nondescript graphics on the top of the helmet, but retains an overall sleek and understated aesthetic composed mainly of gray and black touches. Available, too, is a gloss carbon finish with a red stripe running down the middle of the helmet, giving this sleek carbon lid a slightly sportier character. 

Scorpion Releases EXO-Tech Carbon Modular HelmetScorpion Releases EXO-Tech Carbon Modular Helmet

When it comes to tech features, however, the Scorpion EXO-Tech Carbon really flexes its muscles. Its shell is constructed out of a lightweight yet super robust Ultra TCT Carbon Fiber material, and is available in two shell sizes. The flip-up mechanism opens a full 180-degrees, and is homologated in both open and closed settings. The outer visor, which comes standard with a Pinlock MaxVision anti-fog film, can be removed and replaced very easily thanks to a quick-release mechanism. Meanwhile, a drop-down tinted visor comes standard, as well. 

For ease of maintenance and a prolonged service life, the Scorpion EXO-Tech Carbon gets a removable interior liner upholstered in Kwikwick3 fabric, which is essentially a moisture-wicking fabric meant to keep you cool and comfy while on your bike. The EXO-Tech Carbon gets three main vents which can be opened and closed for improved air circulation. Considering the level of technology and comfort provided by Scorpion's new helmet, the price tag of 489.90 Euros, which translates to $578 USD is definitely pretty attractive. The EXO-Tech Carbon is available in sizes XS all the way to 2XL. 

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