The adventure scooter niche may be a small one, but little by little, it’s growing. In November, 2020, Kymco introduced the DT X360, which includes dual-purpose tires, a 3.3-gallon fuel tank, and a weight of 428 pounds. As of September, 2021, it looks like the DTX 360 now has a little brother: the DTX 125, which just launched in France. Let’s all say hello! 

From the outside, the look is very similar to the DTX 360, with that same angular styling that someone somewhere decided marked “adventure bike” long ago. While it’s true that you’ll never mistake a BMW GS for an Africa Twin or vice-versa, the angular language that started back in the ‘80s has continued to evolve through the modern era, no matter who’s penning the designs.  

Instead of the 321cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine found in the DTX 360, the DTX 125 packs—surprise, surprise—a 125cc liquid-cooled thumper instead. It produces a claimed 13 horsepower when revved out to 8,750 rpm.  

Seat height is a very approachable 785 millimeters, or just a hair under 31 inches. The weight is also lighter compared to the 360, coming in at just 176 kilograms, or about 388 pounds. However, you should be aware that Kymco doesn’t specify whether that number is a dry weight or a curb weight on its spec sheet. 

The twin hydraulic rear shock absorbers are adjustable units, and you get disc brakes front and rear, which are both equipped with ABS. A 14-inch wheel graces the front, while it rolls on a 13-inch unit in back, which is the same as the DTX 360. Pricing starts at 4,699 Euros in France, which converts to around $5,526 as of September 16, 2021.  

Can we expect to see either DTX adventure scooter in America? Kymco offers its scooters for sale in many markets around the world, including the U.S. While it has previously offered a range of sub-500cc scoots in our market, the Kymco U.S. webpage so far only lists the AK550 under its 2022 models heading. Meanwhile, going back to 2021 models, you’ll find the People, X-Town, Super 8, A Town, and Agility models (some in more than one smaller displacement) on offer.  

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