If you're like me, and you rely on your motorcycle to get you practically everywhere you go, then you likely have a host of luggage options for your bike depending on where you're headed to on any given day. For times when I just ride around town to run the odd errand or so, I tend to remove the bags and cases off my bike and ride out with a waist pack or backpack. That said, a lightweight, do-it-all backpack is an absolute must for me. 

I currently use GIVI's Easy Range backpack for my day-to-day duty, however, it's starting to show some signs of age. Luckily, French gear and equipment maker Ixon has rolled out a new street-oriented backpack that features a host of practical features. Best of all, it's a very affordable option at just 59.99 Euros, or $71 USD. The R-Tension 23, Ixon's newest lightweight, do-it-all rucksack, looks to be very practical and comfortable.

Check Out Ixon's Sporty And Affordable R-Tension 23 Backpack

Ixon is calling it "the practical sport backpack", and it's clear to see why. For starters, it's ready to embark on some spirited rides and keep you safe in the event of a tumble, as it's compatible with the Ix-airbag U03 thanks to adjustable and elastic straps which don't get in the way of an airbag vest's deployment. The back gets a ribbed design, too, to maximize comfort and airflow to give you that lightweight feeling. 

The Ixon R-Tension 23, as the name suggests, features 23 liters of carrying capacity, which is just the right amount for city riding and the occasional day trip out of town. Practical features consist of a large, double-zip main compartment with an integrated foam pocket for a laptop of tablet. It gets an organizer on the outside of the laptop sleeve, too, for smaller items like notebooks, papers, and pens. It gets a mesh net pocket and a small all-purpose pocket for your smaller belongings, and two net pockets on the sides to carry water bottles. 

Check Out Ixon's Sporty And Affordable R-Tension 23 Backpack

Ixon promises all-weather usability with the R-Tension 23, as it comes with its own high-visibility yellow waterproof cover stored in a dedicated pocket. Added utility is provided by hooks which can be fitted with a net to carry your helmet. Lastly, the backpack features adjustable chest and waist straps for a secure fit. The Ixon R-Tension 23 is available in two color options—black with gray accents, and black with white and red accents. 

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