Unlike automobiles, motorcycles feature very limited to no carrying capacity. Even full dressers like the Harley-Davidson Ultra Glide and Honda Gold Wing only store a fraction of what cars can accommodate. If you’re partial to sportbikes or naked bikes, chance are your gear boasts more storage volume than the horse you rode in on. As a result, many motorcyclists add a backpack to their riding uniform.

While toting a backpack around can be a helpful solution to the storage conundrum, gear supplier Louis Moto wanted to consolidate riding gear and backpacks into one comprehensive piece. The result is the Louis Backpack Vest. Featuring four front pockets, two side pouches, and one large back compartment, the backpack greatly expands a rider’s carrying capacity. Zippers at all six pockets secure the rider’s cargo as well.

The front pouches are perfect for easy access items such as tools whereas the side and rear pockets cater to clothing and supplies. Along with the robust pocket system, the functions as a season-appropriate vest too. The sleeveless design and mesh construction provides more than enough airflow in warmer conditions. If the increased ventilation doesn’t keep temperatures down, users can also add a water bladder to the mesh-lined rear compartment.

Adjustable straps at the shoulders, sides, and chest personalize the fit to individual users. Due to the generous adjustments, Louis Moto only offers the backpack vest in one size. The item only comes in a black/blue/yellow camouflage colorway and retails for just €49.99 ($59 USD).

Sure, the Louis Moto Backpack Vest may look more like a fishing vest or life jacket than a classic motorcycle . However, the two-in-one item is a perfect fit for those reluctant to add a tank or tail bag to their sleek and sexy sportbike or naked bike.

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