A good number of motorcyclists ride the bikes they ride simply because of the sound the engine makes. Make of it what you will, but motorcycling has always been a highly sensory, highly emotional experience. As a musician, and somebody who's incredibly sensitive to sound, a well-crafted exhaust system has always been an essential accessory for me on all of my motorcycles.

That being said, the good old inline-four engine, such as what we find in the Kawasaki Z900, already has quite a striking, albeit muted exhaust note out of the factory. Some people may call it generic and lacking soul or character, but I've always found the exhaust note of a good old 180-degree crankshaft inline-four engine very intoxicating and reminiscent of the good old days of racing. Those of you who own a 2020 to 2021 Kawasaki Z900 may want to consider the latest offering from Italian exhaust manufacturer Zard

Check Out Zard’s New Exhaust Options For The Kawasaki Z900

Designed specifically for the Euro 4 and Euro 5 Kawasaki Z900, Zard's Stainless Steel Racing line features a four-into-two-into one construction, and is a full exhaust system equipped with a titanium silence. Designed for on-road use, this exhaust system is a Euro 5 homologated aftermarket accessory, but is also compatible with the Euro 4 version. When it comes to the engineering and metallurgy involved in creating this exhaust system, Zard holds its standards to high regard. The company states that it uses high quality raw materials consisting of AISI 304 stainless steel tubes, titanium, and carbon fiber. 

Officine Italiane Zard employs a team of talented craftsmen consisting of welders and metalworkers, and puts each and every exhaust system through rigorous testing both in the workshop and on the street. The result is a beautiful, lightweight, and magnificent-sounding exhaust system which meshes seamlessly with the sporty and aggressive lines of this Japanese naked sportbike. Weighing in at just a fraction of the stock system, the Zard Stainless Steel Racing exhaust system sheds a total of 7.5 kilograms. 


As far as sound goes, it isn't an obnoxiously loud system at just 98 dB at 4,750 RPM with the dB killer installed. Removal of the dB killer nullifies its Euro 5 homologation, and increases the volume to 105 dB at 4,750 RPM. Zard notes that installation of the full exhaust system doesn't require an ECU tune, making this setup an even more enticing option for those who want to reduce the weight and improve the exhaust note of their bike. Lastly, the full exhaust system is also compatible with A2 restricted units of the Kawasaki Z900.

The Zard Stainless Steel Racing exhaust system is priced at 958.28 Euros, or the equivalent of $1,130 USD. Likewise, a slip-on version is also available at a more affordable price of 478.77 Euros, or $566 USD. This particular exhaust system, as well as a whole range of other exhaust options for the Kawasaki Z900 and other motorcycles, can all be viewed in greater detail on Zard's official website linked below. 

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