I don’t know about you, but there seems to be a paradigm shift when it comes to adventure oriented luggage options. Back in the day, hard luggage such as top cases and side panniers were all the rage, with adventure ready riders supporting these accessories on their rugged machines. Don’t get me wrong, hard cases and luggage options definitely have their benefits. However, it’s hard to deny the versatility of a good set of soft luggage.

We recently covered an innovative hybrid luggage solution by Mosko Moto, the Backcountry, which is something of a cross between hard and soft luggage. If this product's $750 price tag is a tad too steep for you, then you may want to consider this modular soft luggage solution by Enduristan. This Swiss motorcycle accessory manufacturer has an impressive array of motorcycle oriented luggage solutions. The latest of which consists of a versatile set of soft panniers which can be used with or without a pannier rack.

Enduristan’s New luggage solutions consist of the Blizzard saddlebags and the Monsoon EVO bag. Of course, unlike hard luggage, these soft bags occupy a lot less space, retaining the motorcycle's narrow width. It also makes it easier for you to remove the bags and carry them along when you’re off the bike. Enduristan’s bags offer sturdy construction as well as waterproofing capabilities. Instead of regular stitching, these bags’ seams are RF-welded together, similar to what you find in a traditional dry bag.

Enduristan states in its official website that these bags are “100% water, dust, mud, and snow proof.” The Monsoon EVO can be used as a soft pannier, and is ideal for bikes with an upswept exhaust system, as you can mount the smaller 24-liter bag on the exhaust side, and the larger 34-liter bag on the other side to retain visual symmetry when looking at your bike from behind.

Enduristan Launches New ADV Luggage Options

As for the specific product options, the blizzard saddlebags are available in four sizes. The smallest of which has a carrying capacity of 12 liters, with the largest option standing at 34 liters. You can also up for a 17 and 24 liter option. Prices range from $299.99 to $399.99 USD. Meanwhile, the Monsoon EVO bags are available in two sizes with the smallest one featuring a 24-liter capacity priced at $419.99 USD. The larger 34-liter bag is priced at $449.99 USD.

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